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What Made Me Happy Today

Happiness is a very subjective feeling, and while some people can be happy after accomplishing something that, to them, means a great deal, others can find the reason for happiness in something that, to many, seem very trivial. I found one such reason for happiness today.

I had to move out of the office real quick to ensure that I could board the local train and commute to my destination. I seem to have drunk plenty of water in the evening today (making up for lost time) and my bladder was almost full, while the water bottle was empty. 

Time was running out, and I had to make a choice between going to the cafeteria and filling the water bottle from the water purifier or going to the washroom to empty the bladder. One part of my brain suggested that it was more important for me to have a pee to feel comfortable during the commute; I won’t have the urge to drink water in the one-and-half hours’ journey from office to home, and upon reaching home I could restock the bladder. The other part of the brain suggested that nothing should be left to chance; many things can happen when one commutes, for instance, someone might suddenly throw up upon you, or you might just touch something greasy and dirty the hands and need a small splashing of water, or some people might fight, scream and shout, and, as a result, someone or the other would become extremely thirsty. Weighing the importance of both, I made a quick decision which was to fill the water bottle.

I went to the railway station, got on the train, took a novel out of the bag, and began reading, turning to the page I last read in the morning. Opposite to me sat a young man holding his head in his hands. He started rubbing his head and his eyes as one does when one suffers from headaches.

Dada (brother),” he said to me, “Do you have water?” I took the bottle out of the side pocket of my bag. “Here,” I said, looking at him and handing the bottle.

His eyes were bloodshot, which I thought was a result of too much work, too much stress, too much looking at the laptop, all of which have become a part of a person’s life in today’s professional world.

I am happy that my decision to go to the cafeteria and fill the water bottle, instead of not filling it and going to the washroom, yielded some fruitful results. 

Copyright © 2021 RAMU DAS

It’s Not Easy

It is not easy to make ends meet
Dreams, never-ending dreams!
My heart, just like yours, screams
I want to accomplish some remarkable feat.

The pending tasks keep increasing
From which no escape seems possible
And I feel I am in a deadly ring
Yet my boss says everything is doable!

Hardship is inevitable and has no cure
So to keep my stomach quite
I think, like others, I should fight
Steadily then, let me the hardship endure.

Copyright © 2015 RAMU DAS

How do you waste your time?

Do you waste time?
Well, I’m not sure if you do or not, but I do. I really do. And how do I do it? Here is how:

I stretch out my hands and try to grab a book from my bookcase, but I keep pondering over which book should I pick: should it be a novel or any other book that I can read for pleasure, entertainment, and fun and so on? Or Should it be a book related to my curriculum that would help me during the exams?

Books (Photo credit: henry…)

When I finally decide to choose the best option, once again I get baffled with the different genres and the wide range of authors and their works available, they all seem worth reading (or is it tempting the better word?) and I keep changing hands with books this way. And, thinking this, I spend more time then I would have spent otherwise, and to be very honest, I end up reading nothing at all; eventually I blame myself for wasting my time doing nothing worthwhile. So, here I think the vast option is the main culprit that leads me to procrastinate.

When I start my computer and sit in front of it, I keep on shuffling files from one folder to the other. I try to read some Portable Document Format (PDF) files which I have downloaded (a lot of it) absolutely free of cost from the internet. Well, I’m not a very rich guy nor are my parents, that I can buy all the books I want to read, therefore, the free books from the internet serves a really good purpose for me, moreover, one can get access to those books which are no longer available in print or which has been banned considering it to be blasphemous or for any other reason, take the example of satanic verses, just type ‘satanic verses pdf’ on Google or any other search engine you prefer, and depending upon the speed of your internet it gets downloaded (in case you wish to download it). This is not something new; I know most people are already aware about it.

Portable Document Format
Portable Document Format (Photo credit: Garry Ing)

Now, this is not something bad that I do, but when I overdo it (as I do, most often) it becomes worse. I unnecessarily arrange the files according to the authors and genres on a daily basis. This is where the problem lies. I don’t really read anything for more than half-an-hour for my mind wishes to be somewhere else, and one more time, instead of doing something productive, I spend more time on Facebook, Google plus, checking e-mails, and so on and so forth. The time spent on such activities equals the time I spend while I sleep.

I keep moving from one end of my room to the other, absolutely unnecessarily. Not exactly knowing what I intend to do as If I allow deep thoughts to make room in my head. And, indeed, for a moment or two, some really enlightening thoughts come to my mind, but, alas, they vanish as soon as I grab a pen in my hand and try to put the thoughts on paper.
All right that’s about it, I can go on writing more about my weakness, however I don’t seem to remember more as of now, but, I’m really trying to be productive and trying to dedicate my time to something that really matters to me, more importantly because I came across a poem while teaching my neighbor’s kid who is in the fifth standard. The poem is really motivational as well as apt to my situation (I guess). It is called ‘One Thing at a time’ written by M.A. Stodart:

Work while you work,
Play while you play;
To be useful and happy,
That is the way

All that you do,
Do with your might;
Things done by halves
Are never done right

One thing at a time,
And that do well,
Is a very good rule,
As many can tell

Moments should never
Be trifled away;
So work while you work,
And play while you play.

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS