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Tomorrow is Today

We are now at the beginning of a new year. Every new year brings a fresh level of energy and new confidence. We are mostly progressive thinkers and make every attempt to improve our lives.

A new year is a reason people suddenly become so full of life, so confident, so ambitious, and find themselves swayed by the age-old tradition of keeping new year’s resolutions. Although at some point new year’s resolutions may seem futile for most people, those who can stick to their resolutions deserve full praise.

I, for one, would let the first few days of the new year pass just trying to figure out how things need to be done. There does not seem to be an urgency, thus I am always postponing doing what I intend to do because there is still a tomorrow, and the tomorrow, I always hope, would be brighter, more in keeping with my health and mood.

If that tomorrow is not the first of January, so what? It can be the first of February, right? Or, perhaps, if February is not to your liking, the tomorrow that you had been waiting for can start from your coming birthday. Diwali also seems to be a fine day to be considered your tomorrow.

The truth, I have realized, is that, if you hesitate to do it now, you might hesitate to do it forever. Momentum brings us closer to our goal. The tomorrow that we have been waiting for is today. I am taking the actions that I have to, and I have you do as well.

Wish you a happy new year.

Resolutions, Resolutions, Resolutions!

Resolutions! They always talk about this, yes they do. The first week of January, perhaps the whole of January is for such talks. It is in a state of great excitement that they think about this, and when the excitement diminishes, which happens very fast, such thoughts become next to nothing; they skip them. It’s amazing how that happens.

Each year we make a list of things by which we intend to improve ourselves. No matter how perfect we are, we still want to change a thing or two about ourselves. We make promises that we would do a certain thing, or that we would abstain from doing something. So have I. But I’m somewhat reluctant to share it (sorry for that).

Few years back, for me resolution was just a word like any other words whose meaning I knew very well but whose applicability I felt, was quite unnecessary. I didn’t care for such a thing as New Year resolution. But, one day at the starting of a year someone asked me what my New Year resolutions would be, and I had no answer for that person; I stood on my spot dumbfounded. Since that year I vowed to make a list of things that I wanted to change and things that I wanted to attain (mentally, if not in writing ), and that I should not go astray from my plans.

I can see that I have not been able to carry out some of the things as per my resolutions which I made last year. But every time I found myself not staying firm with my resolutions, I said to myself: “Hey, what are you doing. You said you won’t do that. Hey, you said you would do that.” And a feeling of guilt came upon me for not keeping my own words. And, thus, although, I mayn’t have done everything that I wanted to do, but I was close to doing it. This helped a great deal. This closeness of doing what I did would have been a remote notion had I not made my plans.

It is true that the rate at which we stick with our resolutions is very low. But it is important that we set our goals; that we have a target to aim at, because if we don’t, life would be topsy-turvy. So what is required of us is a strong determination to do what we plan to do. Focus, my friend, focus!

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