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More And More

The crooked men have much power.

I, who have lofty ideas, come in their way,

Though I fear a little at some hour;

But I know I should shallow my fear and stay.


Such hasty decisions they can make.

Ah, how they torment the subordinate soul!

And oh! The words they use are all but foul.

What prompts them to do so I can never tell.

But no, offense on me I shan’t ever take,

Nor shall they be praised when their deeds are not well.


They,  the Managers, the CEO’s, who seek

Only gain, and sign one contract after another.

How clever they are who pretend as if they care.

Their mumbo-jumbo speeches don’t make strong the weak.


Death might come to all in a wink.

The more they have, for more they crave.

And, they for themselves think.

Ignorant I’m not and I shall face the knave.

Copyright © 2013 RAMU DAS


Well, hello everyone!
Now, I want to clarify that I don’t suffer from AIDS or any other diseases. The idea of
writing something about this topic came to my mind this morning when I came across
an article about AIDS on the newspaper. I read, every year a good number of people
die because of this disease. Only if they take a little precaution and care a little about
themselves can they avoid falling under the trap of such untimely death.
That’s how I started typing my thoughts and thus this poem came into existence.

AIDS Awareness
AIDS Awareness (Photo credit: sassy mom)

Goodbye folks, I’m leaving
Never to see any of you again
C’mon! And claim my belonging
My senses shall not regain

The doctor concludes: I suffer from AIDS
A devilishly deadly disease it is
Oh, I blame myself for I had sex with one of my maids
My lust knew not of any contraceptives

Now, my end has come
For death is not mutable
And with fear I’m so numb
Death, I know, is inevitable.

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS