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Beauty In a Tomboy

Tomboy (1985 film)
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh foolish heart, what in a tomboy did you a beauty see?

Time and again you love her, but foolish you are you prove.

Foolish heart, open your eyes and see: your love doesn’t her move.

Ignore not the other beauties that lament and die out of jealousy.


Yet with no other beauties you wish to be

Oh, in a tomboy a beauty you did see!


Then foolish heart, a thousand death must you die

For she is unkind, business-minded, and a fame-hungry being

She seeks any men who might give her a diamond ring

Die oh foolish heart die, and kiss her and the world a final goodbye.

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS

Just a Puff

Description unavailable
Description unavailable (Photo credit: Philo Nordlund)

What a beauty was she!
Charming was her slim body, and precious were her green eye
That every passerby’s turned to see
And for her, any men on earth could die.

It was a clear bright day
I saw, she sat beside some frigging pathetic men
The month, I remember, was May
Not, too, close a friend, we were then

She stepped on the wrong direction and puffed a cigar on that day
Then, she needed to puff everywhere: at home, at the garden, and near the bay
Turned her life in danger in that way

Now, in every other five-minute she needs to refresh her mind
For that she struggles, and threaten her parents to end her own life
If they don’t come to terms with her demand, she persists and her way she always find
And her poor parents toil day in and day out, and hard, for survival they strive.

But, lo and behold! Her charm has vanished, and everything beautiful about her has gone
And it seems to me and to you it may seem the same: she is a thousand husbands’ wife
Attracts her once charming body, but not to a man of value, nah, to none, to none!
Oh! A small puff – she knew not – but did screw her life!

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS 

Love can happen twice but . . .

Bookstore (IBC)

I saw a girl about 18 years or so (I guess) accompanying a boy about the same age. They were apparently in love and came in to the newly launched bookstore at our locality where I was lazing away my time  –I know it is foolish to laze away one’s time, but that’s all I could do at that time– I wasn’t really reading anything there, but pretended to be reading.  I was just checking out the people as they come and go. It wasn’t my job to check them out, CCTV cameras were installed for that purpose but I liked watching them.

She glanced at the books on the neat and clean bookshelf – one after the other – and suddenly came across a book which was titled, ‘Can Love Happen Twice?’. The title of the book attracted her attention and interested her so much that she decided to buy it, and asked her boyfriend who accompanied her what he thought about the title of the book.

“Well,” he said with a lot of seriousness, “Love can happen, not just twice, but as many times as guys find some beautiful girls ready to pull their skirts up and show some skin . . . you know how smart we guys are.”

“Tell you what,” she responded after being pissed at getting such an indigestible answer.

“What?” the boy asked.

“Get yourself a new girlfriend. You’re my part-time boyfriend anyway, and I think my full-time boyfriend needs me now.”

“I was just saying it, I didn’t mean it. Love may happen twice but not with the same intensity as it happened the first time,” the boy replied.

“No, no, that’s ok. Let me try my hand at someone else by pulling my skirt up and by . . . what was that you said? . . . yeah, showing some skin . . . what you say, guys are smart, right?”

“What? are you crazy?! I was just kidding!!” said the boy in total surprise, “How will I live without you.”

“Ditto.” said the girl, and winked and smiled to relief the boy from the sudden tension and anxiousness that was visible on his face, and hand in hand they walked out of the library after purchasing the book.

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS