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Dealing with Covid-19

At 2 in the morning on the 28th of December last year, I had the urge to vomit. I was not sure if it was a dream or a reality. I was feeling uneasy. My throat was dry and there was some amount of phlegm in my mouth that I wanted to get rid of. I had no sooner started spitting than I realized that I was still in the bed. Being lazy and needing more sleep, I was nasty enough to swallow the phlegm, but not nasty enough to throw it on the bed.

The next night at around 3 o’clock, I woke up because of the touch of some wet substance on my face and neck. Some fluid was dripping rapidly from my nose. I thought when I was asleep I had banged my nose against my bed or the wall, and, as a result, the nose was bleeding. “I am bleeding from the nose,” I told my wife, who was sleeping beside me. There was no response. “Bleeding from the nose… bleeding from the nose,” I repeated a few times, and when my wife heard the word ‘bleeding’, she sprang up from the bed and switched on the light, only to see that I had some water around my mustache and neck, which meant I had a runny nose.

The next day my body’s temperature was on the higher side (I was hot!). It kept increasing, and I had a headache. On the 31st of December, the headache was severe. I was down with fever, cold, and body pain.

I have read that fever is a good thing, but fever, when accompanied by cold and body pain, becomes a matter of concern because it could be what I thought it was, but being fully vaccinated, I hoped it was not what I thought it was. Yet to be sure, I decided I go for the Covid (also known as the Wuhan virus or the China virus) test.

The next day, which was a new year (1st Jan. 2022), I was feeling much better, so I thought I would not do the test and save the money. However, because of the insistence (or should I say persistence) of my family, I did it anyway. The report came in some hours; and it turned all my positive energy negative because I was Covid-19 positive.

I tried, upon the suggestion of some family members and friends, some Ayurvedic concoctions and drank plenty of water. I got a strip of FabiFlu, though I think I could have done without it, which contains Favipiravir that is said to stop the growth of the virus.

Second January went well. Fever, headache, cold were all gone. However, on the third of January, the pangs in the joints of the hands and legs were too much to bear. If someone had wanted my hands from the elbow and my legs from the knee, I would have just given them away. There was some pain in the calf muscles as well. The next day went in a similar fashion. But all the pain had vanished after that day.

On the sixth of January, I had strangely lost my sense of smell and taste. Losing smell and taste should have happened at the beginning of the problem with Covid-19; those were among the few symptoms leading to Covid-19. But whatever it was, I had to live with it. In two days, I got back my sense of smell and taste.

Covid-19 makes the body weak, but by eating well and drinking juices and plenty of water, I have gained back my energy. At this moment, I may not be as strong and healthy as I was before getting infected by the Wuhan virus, but in a few days’ time, I hope to be. The Covid-19 active cases in Mumbai, where I live, and elsewhere in India and the world, are burgeoning and destabilising the world, which was just recovering from the earlier blows. Staying home, if it is not necessary to go out and mix with people, is one way by which one can reduce the chances of coming in Covid-19’s way. However, ‘staying home’ and ‘not mixing with people’ is easier said than done. As soon as one variant of the deadly virus is gone, or reduces its effect, another emerges. This will go on, I suppose. But, we will find a way, as we have always found a way, to overcome all obstacles and to live.

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What Made Me Happy Today

Happiness is a very subjective feeling, and while some people can be happy after accomplishing something that, to them, means a great deal, others can find the reason for happiness in something that, to many, seem very trivial. I found one such reason for happiness today.

I had to move out of the office real quick to ensure that I could board the local train and commute to my destination. I seem to have drunk plenty of water in the evening today (making up for lost time) and my bladder was almost full, while the water bottle was empty. 

Time was running out, and I had to make a choice between going to the cafeteria and filling the water bottle from the water purifier or going to the washroom to empty the bladder. One part of my brain suggested that it was more important for me to have a pee to feel comfortable during the commute; I won’t have the urge to drink water in the one-and-half hours’ journey from office to home, and upon reaching home I could restock the bladder. The other part of the brain suggested that nothing should be left to chance; many things can happen when one commutes, for instance, someone might suddenly throw up upon you, or you might just touch something greasy and dirty the hands and need a small splashing of water, or some people might fight, scream and shout, and, as a result, someone or the other would become extremely thirsty. Weighing the importance of both, I made a quick decision which was to fill the water bottle.

I went to the railway station, got on the train, took a novel out of the bag, and began reading, turning to the page I last read in the morning. Opposite to me sat a young man holding his head in his hands. He started rubbing his head and his eyes as one does when one suffers from headaches.

Dada (brother),” he said to me, “Do you have water?” I took the bottle out of the side pocket of my bag. “Here,” I said, looking at him and handing the bottle.

His eyes were bloodshot, which I thought was a result of too much work, too much stress, too much looking at the laptop, all of which have become a part of a person’s life in today’s professional world.

I am happy that my decision to go to the cafeteria and fill the water bottle, instead of not filling it and going to the washroom, yielded some fruitful results. 

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Hello Folks!

It’s been a while since I wrote something here (the longest gap so far). But writing something here has had always been at the back of my mind. For not writing a new blog post, for not reading something from the blogs I follow and like, I rebuffed myself every day. Alas, my excitement level of doing something new, something different, has subsided to a considerable extent.

With time I thought I would be a better writer. But then better writing demands constant writing. Again constant writing does not mean writing the same thing, or writing, time and again, what is incorrect without knowing that it is incorrect.

I write for my livelihood. So, to please the people I write for and to keep the auditors from marking me down, I end up writing what my fellow bloggers would call the mediocre kind of writing. That kind of writing does not come from my heart and I derive no joy by doing that. My organization and its small minded people have killed the creative spirit in me. I can’t give up my job either unless I get a better job at a better organization. However, times are hard. The market is down. Every organization is trying to cut down cost.

Now I am trying to recuperate my losses. From time to time I look back at what I had written earlier (two-three years ago), and I think to myself I was a better writer then than I am now. I once again want to be an active blogger and connect to my ole folks.

I earnestly hope that the next post I write does not say the same thing I said in this post.

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On Laziness

I have thought a great deal about a great many things; I want to do all I have planned to do. But thinking, planning, wanting are immaterial if I am not doing it. Oh, yes, this ‘doing’ is important I tell myself a thousand times and something inside me, to confirm the importance of ‘doing’, says ‘aye, aye’.

But again when I am thinking, planning and wanting to ‘do it’ but in reality not doing it, I am not doing it. All this while this is what I have been doing, that is ‘not doing’ what I have been meaning to do. The act of ‘doing’ is easier said than done. How easy it seemed to do when I said I would do a particular thing, but days, unstoppable as they are, went by and I didn’t even realize that I have not done it yet.

So, once again, I promised myself I must do what I must do, and once again the understanding voice inside me said ‘aye, aye’.

This ‘doing’ but ‘not doing’ took the form of a game. Now, at the end of the year, I realize that it is the end of the year. The game is over. And have I done it, you might ask. And I would answer, ‘not yet’. And the voice inside me, to confirm that I have not done it, says, ‘nay, nay.’

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