Fight of the Year, Not Happening!

Sometimes things go awry, but we can do very little about the things that are not in our hands. And that’s what one can say about the fate of the fight between two boxers I like: Manny Pacquiao (PacMan) and Errol Spence. Having suffered from a retina tear in his left eye, Errol Spence had no option but to withdraw from the highly anticipated match; and that Errol had done on the basis of the doctors’ recommendation.

I strongly believe if the boxing match between PacMan and Errol Spence could happen, it would have become the Fight of the Year. Now, the Cuban boxer Yordenis Ugas, who is a great boxer, too, will step in and fight PacMan on the 21st of August. 

Errol had a successfully eye surgery, and is hoping to be back soon to fight the winner of the PacMan and Yordenis fight. Here is what he had to say through Instagram:

Manny has not shown any hard feelings but rather wished Spence a speedy recovery, which is what good sportspeople do. Hope Errol recovers fast.

Insider and Outsider

Who is the insider, and who is the outsider?
Why do you always seem so hyper?
What is the hatred for?
The hatred that excites you to wage war.
Why, when a brown man you see,
You simply tag him a Bangladeshi?

But even if one were a Bangladeshi, is being one so bad?
Are they some poison? Are they the world's scum?
Touching whom you fear you can become one?
Or is it your arrogance that makes you so mean, so mad?

‘Bangladeshi immigrants,’ you say,
Burn their houses, and drive them away,
Away from the plains and from the hills.
Only then your heart's desire fulfills.

You call them outsider,
And take pride in being the insider
But where did you come from?
The land where you freely roam,
Existed much before you did.
You, too, are an outsider indeed.

Copyright © 2021 RAMU DAS