The Burden of Earning Money

From the window of my flat I see some children playing cricket in the alleyway. It starts raining, but they don’t care. The game goes on. “Howzat!” the bowler screams. But there is no umpire, so the fielders double up as umpire, and “That’s out! That’s out!” they shout. The batsman utters some obscenity which surely doesn’t suit his age, and throws the bat in the air in exasperation.

These children enjoy their game. That’s life for them right now. And they are carefree. I, too, had a life like that when I was their age. There was no worrying about anything in the world. Life was good because there was someone who was providing for everything, there was someone to think about me. Now, however, life is difficult, extremely difficult, because now I have to think about how I am going to pay my EMIs, how I am going to make the credit card payment before the due date, how am I going to pay the rent, the electricity bill, and numerous other bills. I am constantly worried about what challenge the next day will bring.  

I wish I were a child again, in the care of my father. My father was the only earning member in the family. He never mouthed a word about all the difficulties he was facing in taking care of the family members. He just did what a father had to do.

It is difficult to be a father, so though you may have had an argument with your father, or for some reason you are not in good terms with your father, it’s time to forgive and mend the relationship. So, this Father’s Day, get some gift for your father; or just write a good Father’s Day message. And, henceforth, take care of your father like the way he took care of you when you were a kid.

While the focus of this post is on how a father takes care of the monetary needs of his family, but the love of a father extends much beyond that, and this love cannot be measured.

To all the fathers in the world, Happy Father’s Day!

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