My Cat Says “Meow!”

True indeed, animals have feelings and they express their feelings by different ways, for instance, a dog wags its tail when it is happy, a cat purrs to show its affection or when it wants affection shown to it.

I have a cat (had a dog as well but it died quite an unnatural death). One day, and which, I think, was the day before yesterday, this cat of mine went missing. Making complete use of my eyes and body I looked here, I moved here, I looked there, I moved there, and I looked everywhere where my eyes could see and body could move, but the cat was nowhere to be seen.

Has the cat gone away? Have I lost it? Has someone stolen it? I thought. These thoughts saddened me greatly; heaven knows how dear to me my cat is. Then, determined, I ventured out at… hmmm… the time? Oh, I have no clue what time it was, but this much I can say that the night was pitch black and much heavy rains did fall that night.

Several times I called my cat by its name. No answer did I get in reply – no, not even once. Now I was fully wet with the rain water, but I cared less about whether I was wet or not, for I was more concerned about my cat. An hour had passed away. Then, in the same manner as we turn off the key of the tap when we no longer want water, how suddenly the rains ceased falling as though the gods turned off some key, and everything was quite.

I have never been to the terrace of our building. I had no business there and I was not curios to know what might be there. However, that day when I was looking for my cat, for the first time, I felt it was necessary to go up the stairs and reach the terrace, for I have explored my vicinity in search of my cat, but having no luck, I thought of what remained unexplored, and at the flash of a second I got the answer: the terrace.

Curse my luck, rarely do we face power cut, and further I must say, on the day I went looking for my cat, I realized it was one such rare days. “But I am young and strong and all,” said I to myself, out loud, “being young and strong, who can stop me from climbing a ten-story building!” Thus, I displayed tremendous zeal and reached the peak of our building. And lo and behold! There was my darling cat, but she was not alone, someone was with her, er, what do you call, er… her boyfriend! My cat, upon seeing me, greeted me with a meow, came close to me and started purring (and she said to me, “Master mine, this fellow here is my soul mate.)”. Then, her boyfriend, taking a hint from her, greeted me and started purring as well. “Blessed be thou!” I said to them, and both the cats started purring and mewing at the same time.


Copyright © 2014 RAMU DAS

4 thoughts on “My Cat Says “Meow!””

  1. A cat on a rainy apartment roof! What is her name? Did the boyfriend follow you guys back to your flat? Has he become a regular visitor? Does your cat miss him? How does it tell you when it does? Another post please! btw, plz do watch “cat on a hot tin roof”- nice film! and yeah…Eid Mubarak!


    1. They say the god is in the detail. But, in order to make this post look less daunting to the readers, I have purposely skipped some detail. On the roof of our building there is a room-like structure where the water tank, that supplies water to our building, is situated. It is there that my cat with her boyfriend was making merry.
      Her name is Mini. Mini because she is cute and resembles a tiger, but is not as big as a tiger. Yes, her boyfriend did follow us to my flat, but my elder brother, who does not have as much affection for feline as I do, shooed the boyfriend away.
      No, he has not become a regular visitor, maybe he felt greatly offend when my brother rebuked him.
      I think Mini did miss him for sometime because she went to the terrace and seemed to look for him. She spent much time outside my flat, which is not something that she normally does. When food was brought to her, she was not very interested to eat. But, anyway, now she is back to normal.
      ‘Cat on a hot tin roof’ is something I am looking forward to watch (of course on your recommendation). Eid Mubarak to you as well, my friend.


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