Joy And Sorrow

You wanted rain, eh? Look, how the heavy drops are pouring down,

Cry no more for rain, rain that delayed coming now floods the town.

Gutters and roads are now one, and the highways are now rivers

The old beggar, having no space to live, complains and shivers.


The town is swept clean, and something of value, living and nonliving, is swept away

But someone’s misery is another’s joy; pity, this is the only way we live.

Harsh, it may seem, but we cannot our own death to someone else give.

We have our days of joy and sorrow, and tomorrow I’ll have my death as you’ve yours today.


Copyright © 2014 RAMU DAS

5 thoughts on “Joy And Sorrow”

  1. such reflection is valuable when the rest of the country is ‘celebrating’ monsoons in a very market kind of a way. #ILoveMonsoon hashtags, Rain selfies and the cliched talks of chai pakoda n what not. Meaningful and concerned u sound here, mate! Liked it!


    1. It rained for a day or two in Mumbai, and suddenly it stopped raining all together until the 1st of July, much to the disappointment of my friends. On the 1st of July, it drizzled, but on the 2nd of July, my friend, it rained so much that the tracks of the trains, even the platforms, was covered with water. Work stopped. Too much of rain is not good after all.


    1. I thought of dogs, cows, cats, rats, but compared to them, the bigger creature that could not go unnoticed from my mind’s eye, was that old beggar.


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