The Rains Ceased Falling

Tip-tip-tip, after a dreadfully long wait

The rain did ultimately fall

True indeed, the falling of rain was very late

But now the god played his role


And briefly, very briefly, the creatures on earth did dance

And the aliens from the outer world cast on us a glance

The aliens were furious and great were their jealousy

And thinking of the blue planet they felt drowsy.


Then all of sudden the rain ceased falling

In a day or two, we thought, once again it will rain

The sky shall sing its thunderous song and growl and roar

Blocked will be the railroad; and we shan’t travel by train

To save herself from rain my neighbor will close her door


Alas, the rainy season is almost coming to an end

And very brief was our joy

The aliens must have lured the rain away from our land

Start the engine of the ship, ahoy!

Tell the alien, oh darling, you see,

We have plenty of water in the Sea.


Copyright © 2014 RAMU DAS

4 thoughts on “The Rains Ceased Falling”

    1. It is, absolutely, it is. But you see, in my hurry, I made a mistake by not writing another line that could rhyme with the 1st line of the 3rd stanza.


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