It’s Gone!

What I actually wanted to do was create history. And how was I going to do that? By involving myself in an infamous scandal? No, no way. I wanted to do something no one ever did… I wanted to do something wonderful in a very unique way. I had invited some great ideas in my head, but all great ideas preferred staying away from me (they think I smell). But one idea, when I was least expecting it, knocked my head. And I want to tell you dear readers, and tell you in no uncertain terms, that this idea I am talking about could have changed the world. This idea of mine could have brought me numerous accolades, could have brought me even the Nobel Prize.

But oh memory, oh wretched memory! Why can’t I remember what that great idea was? The idea that could make me, my family, my friends and my nation, proud!

How happy was I when I thought about the idea, it was a state of supreme bliss, but for the life of me now I don’t remember what it was, no, not even remotely. I am trying to link all my thoughts to reach that one great idea; and how I wish that idea could just flicker once again.

Had I a notepad to write the idea down, had I thought about writing it down on my cell phone, now all the world’s media would have stood outside my door for an interview with me. All the journalists might have fought with each other to record my statement, my great idea, and I would have said, swelling my chest with pride, “no comments, that’s classified,” as some great inventors and leaders do.

But, and mind you, now I am speaking with great disappointment, the idea is gone, oh, it’s gone. I am crying… I am crying so much so that with by my tears I have filled the pond that had no water due to the lack of rainfall, and in it, oh dear readers, I shall drown. Oh, don’t stop me; let me go away from here, away from this world! My idea is gone, absolutely gone!


Copyright © 2014 RAMU DAS

7 thoughts on “It’s Gone!”

    1. Well, thank you for reading. Among our many thoughts, some maybe great, but most of the times we don’t give importance to it, or we may just forget it, so making a note of the idea/thought can act as a reminder.


    1. Yes, you are right. Bad ideas must be discarded, as we discard garbage; good ideas must be cultivated; but great ideas must be held as dearly as a mother holds her newborn infant.


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