When Words Make Me Angry

There are words that are too disturbing for the senses, obscene words for example, though some people may not use them at all. And there are other words which may not seem censorial, yet to some, like me, such words may seem too offensive.

Below are some words worth mentioning that pisses me off:

  • K: Yes that is it. The letter k, which in other words means OK or okay. You will come across this letter when you receive text messages from friends and your near and dear ones. You make some jolly good statement such as:

“After a long time I’m hearing from you and it feels really good.”


“I’ll be away for a few weeks. I know we would miss each other like crazy, but I’m sure you do understand that this trip is very important. I will bring you some gift, and don’t you be sad, I will be with you shortly. I will miss you.”

To all these jolly good statement what reply do you get? You think k. Yes, k, indeed.


  • Awesome: What can I do – can I wave a magic wand or something – so that people can forget this awesome word once and for all. Every time I access the internet and try reading stuff, the word awesome is the most prominent one.  For anything and everything people say awesome.
  • Ma: This is a very stupid way of writing my. Some people think – perhaps inspired by Rap music – that it’s cool to write ma instead of my.


The list of such words can go on. I am sure you must have come across words that you dislike with all your heart. So, may I be so bold as to ask you what words you hate the most.


Copyright © 2014 RAMU DAS

2 thoughts on “When Words Make Me Angry”

  1. All the shortcuts (K, LOL, OMG, WTF…etc.) have their place, for example when one is in a hurry. Of course some people are overextended in their busy-ness and think they are so important they don’t need to take the time to communicate–they’re always on high speed. So they use words like “awesome”—a word that’s become truly empty by overuse…it’s lazy, stupid, and communicates nothing.
    My chief complaint is not about a single word, but about the creeping fact that people don’t write sentences anymore, only lists and phrases. Lists and phrases are incomplete thoughts…again, lazy and not very intelligent; they’re helpful for remembering what you need at the grocery store or for personal notes, but they don’t necessarily communicate to others. It’s a bit sad, I think, and childish, to think others ought to know what you are thinking even if you don’t really tell them! But really rich communication is one of the joys of having human language (not just the barks and grunts of beasts) and no amount of technological speed or accessibility can accomplish that by itself.


    1. Yes, you have made some valid points here. Of course, these shortcuts helps save time, given the fact that we are too busy in our lives.

      “So they use words like “awesome”—a word that’s become truly empty by overuse…it’s lazy, stupid, and communicates nothing.” I second this statement. I could not have said any better.

      True, very true, that many people have stopped writing sentences. Only lists and phrases do not make complete sentence, nor do they convey the full message.

      Some people tend to complicate things. For instance, instead of writing my they write ma; this is a case which I have observed numerous time on social networking sites.


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