Mr Nobody Writes a Letter to His Son

My dear son,

I have reached London. Oh, what a beautiful city it is, and even the strangers are friendly and helpful here. Just a while ago I lost my way, I wanted to go to McDonald’s to have a Pizza, but McDonald’s was nowhere in sight; I was going in a different direction altogether. Then I saw a lady passing by – a beautiful lady she was, white and all, you know, but not as beautiful as your mother, mind you – and I asked her as to where McDonald was. She said it was half-a-mile away. “Half-a-mile away!” I exclaimed.

I told her that I was new to the city, I said it just for the sake of saying, nevertheless the lady started showing me the direction to McDonald’s and giving me information about every nook and corner of London, but I could not get a word of what she was saying. No, no, it was not the way she spoke that confounded me. She spoke all right. This people of London do manage to speak English; what truly confounded me were the names of different places that she blurted out. It was too much to absorb.

Then, you know what happened next, my dear son, the lady herself led me to McDonald’s, and what’s more, she sat beside me, and paid my bill too, though she ate nothing at all. Such a soul in this century! She must be a lady of quality I believe. But, of course, your mother is the best.

Yes, true it is that I am supposed to come back home in the next 10 days, but this lady of quality says that I can stay here as long as I please, and she means I can stay in her house without paying a penny. So, I am extremely glad to inform you, my son, that I’m staying here as long as I please, and if at all I shall be displeased by anything or by anyone, I shall be home in a jiffy.

Now that you are grown up, I am sure you can explain the matter over to your mother, and do tell her not to panic; I am only staying here as long as I please.

Your loving father,

Mr Nobody


Note: Mr Nobody will get a reply from his wife, and not from his son, in the next post. Stay tuned.

Copyright © 2014 RAMU DAS

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