O Moon

O moon, tell me, why are you so shy today?

Dreadful and starless is the night, why do you hide behind the cloud?

I stumble, pick myself up; I talk to myself at times slowly at times aloud.

As though talking to myself I can find my way.


I’m scared; I hear voices I’ve never heard before;

Bloodcurdling voices, as of the deadly ghost.

Oh, spare me some light; I only wish to go to the shore.

Such a dark night this is that my path I’ve lost.

By the shore I have anchored my boat.

They are after me; I sense they are an angry lot.


Yes, greedy I have been, but my pursuit of wealth is over.

They were all liars who have so sweetly spoken,

And told me that wandering I shall find a gold wagon.

But now the truth strikes me, here I shall no longer hover.


O moon, what is this plight? Oh such a plight!

Scared I am, beastly figures move here and there.

Make me so strong my lord that I can fight.

Or tell your moon to show up and disband my fear.


Copyright © 2014 RAMU DAS

6 thoughts on “O Moon”

  1. Hi Ramu,

    Great verse.

    To me it is a prayer to rid ourselves of nameless fears. The moon symbolises the harbinger of the light and awareness for which we are praying to our lord.



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