So, What’s The News?

So, tell me, what is the news?
Like yesterday, today, is there any gory tale?
Tell me the news, oh don’t ye refuse.
Give me some news of failure, who and what did fail?

Oh great, this man killed that man
A girl dumped her boyfriend; the boyfriend died.
Oh my, how gruesome: that celebrity ate a live hen.
Some foreigners arrived, they need a tour guide.

Some more girls are raped and brutally injured
A corrupted politician is no more corrupted
The economy, you say, is fully disrupted.
By her ravishing body the saint was lured.

Is that all or do you have more?
Which poor got poorer?
Which rich, richer?
If no more news you have, tell me some lore.

Ah, you got more news: tell me, then, I’m all ears
But tell me something good,
Something that mayn’t so much as bring to my eye tears
Oh fool, be mute, be mute!
That you just told me wasn’t at all good
Now go away, you brute!
And let me play my flute
No more news shall I hear, I’ve changed my mood.

Copyright © 2013 RAMU DAS

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