So, What’s The News?

So, tell me, what is the news?
Like yesterday, today, is there any gory tale?
Tell me the news, oh don’t ye refuse.
Give me some news of failure, who and what did fail?

Oh great, this man killed that man
A girl dumped her boyfriend; the boyfriend died.
Oh my, how gruesome: that celebrity ate a live hen.
Some foreigners arrived, they need a tour guide.

Some more girls are raped and brutally injured
A corrupted politician is no more corrupted
The economy, you say, is fully disrupted.
By her ravishing body the saint was lured.

Is that all or do you have more?
Which poor got poorer?
Which rich, richer?
If no more news you have, tell me some lore.

Ah, you got more news: tell me, then, I’m all ears
But tell me something good,
Something that mayn’t so much as bring to my eye tears
Oh fool, be mute, be mute!
That you just told me wasn’t at all good
Now go away, you brute!
And let me play my flute
No more news shall I hear, I’ve changed my mood.

Copyright © 2013 RAMU DAS

Now and Then She Comes To My Memory

Every now and then she comes to my memory

A glimpse of the past, now so far

But once to me she was very dear

Alas, love gave her no freedom; without love she’s free.


Once, her thoughts entangled me and held me tight

Of her were my dreams all the day and all the night

I cannot drop her from my memory, tried I have all wizardry

But still, now and then, she comes to my memory.


Now, am I lonely? Am I sad? Nay!

I have no reason to be sad or to curse my luck,

Left she has, dying I mustn’t lay.

Life’s a journey, walk I must, I must walk.

Copyright © 2013 RAMU DAS


Don’t Make It Noisy

I asked one my friend how he would like to spend Diwali this time. He said he will offer prayers, gift family and friends some stuff. Then he stopped abruptly, stretched his muscles and twisted his lips sideways, and then he began speaking again, “Actually, I will ask my wife and children to go some miles away from the house.”

That confused me a great deal, so I asked why he would do such a thing. He replied, “I’m going to set my gas cylinder on fire, this way everyone will come to know that I’m celebrating Diwali.”

He was kidding, of course. We have different version of stories to tell why we celebrate Diwali. But what is common is that we exchange good wishes, and we are in high spirit of celebration. Some of us wear new cloths; and we light candles and small clay lamps; decorate our homes with colored powder; present gifts, etc. Most importantly, Diwali being the festival of light, we lit our homes; this is to signify the victory of good over evil.

Diwali decoration
Diwali decoration (Photo credit: Piyush’s Space)

But Diwali for many people (children mainly) is just a festival of bursting crackers, playing with artificial guns, which creates noise and pollution. I remember, as a kid, I once burnt my hands while trying to light a firecracker (or ‘atom bomb’, as we use to call them, then). I had to see a doctor and for days I could not use my hands to perform a few functions. We do many stupid things in life, but as we evolve we learn to differentiate between right and wrong.

I don’t believe burning firecrackers drive evil away, (candles and Diyas are enough for that) you just burn your and your parents’ hard-earned money to ashes by doing so. As I write this post, I can hear the sounds of firecrackers, so loud as to damage my eardrums.  A politician lives nearby. Politicians and their kith and kin know how to waste money. But even the less privileged ones will not go dissatisfied today, just that they will burn only a handful of firecrackers.

The problem is, with all these noises and the smokes that emerge, all the birds and the street dogs get scared and they slowly and hesitantly move to safer places. Health related issues also emerge due to the smokes that spread after bursting firecrackers. We don’t feel good with such noises, do we? The use of firecrackers may cause many injuries, some maybe severe; therefore, for the better of all, refrain from using them.

Wish you all a happy Diwali!

Copyright © 2013 RAMU DAS