The World of Imagination

A very important question for us: is observation more important or imagination?  If you ask me, I would say both are of equal importance; a creative writer will make use of everything, of every occurrence, of anything literally, to give an artistic touch to his or her work.

However, not everyone can be as good an observer as Conan Doyle’s the great Sherlock Holmes. I think, if you cannot be, you do not have to be. Human mind is capable of doing much more than what is visible to the naked eyes.

We can create something out of nothing. Here is one instance:

I was in my office, sitting on the chair, facing the computer. I was smiling – no, smiling is not the right word, blushing suits better. I blushed for the first time, then for second time and so on… Next to my desk was a colleague staring at me as blankly as one would stare at the question paper during the exam if you have not studied at all. I knew the reason for his curious stare, he might have thought I was eccentric, but I thought not to explain the reason for which I blushed.

He could not keep his thoughts to himself and finally blurted out, “Is something wrong with you?”

“Nothing,” I said.

He was not convinced with that, he added, “Looks like something is wrong, though.” I did not say anything, but he wanted to know, really know, what the matter was, “We believe in sharing, so say what’s it, why do you blush so much?”

I feared he would spread the rumor that I smile/blush/laugh and sometimes talk to myself for no reason. Therefore, I told him what he asked for: “See,” said I, “I was blushing not because I remembered something sweet or funny from the past, nor did I smile for something that I like about the present, nor did I think anything about the future that could possibly make me blush.”

“Ha! Then?” he said mockingly.

“I created a scene _,” I could say no more for the impatience colleague interrupted me.

“A scene!” said he. I nodded.  “What are you talking about?”

“Yes,” I answered, “a scene in my mind that was nonexistent in reality.”

That was so, a nonexistent thing that I gave shape to, a situation I created. In reality, things seldom happen as we want them to, but we can think about them and make them appear in our mind as we wish they were. And thinking that, at least for a moment, we can be happy and smile and blush and laugh and talk to ourselves.

Watching movies and reading books serves as a supplement to the quality of our imagination. We can imagine anything, create a world full of demons, and imagine things beyond that. But, I have found, I can limit my imagination to things that are relevant to me, so to speak, I can be realistic even in my imagination, but of course, with a little twist here and a little twist there.

Copyright © 2013 RAMU DAS

4 thoughts on “The World of Imagination”

  1. I am quite unobservant when it comes to physical details, but people’s behaviors and actions seem to get caught in my mind. For me, as for you, both observation and imagination are equally important in writing. Without observation of the human condition, you cannot convey truth. Without imagination, you cannot expand reality. Terrific post. Loved it. 🙂


    1. Hey Cubby, I completely agree with you. People’s behavior’s and actions surely go into the making of our experiences. Every time I write something, my experiences with the others find a place in the paper. Imagination helps us stretch the boundaries of our knowledge. Keeping reality in mind, we feel, understand, and express what our imagination comprehends.

      Thanks for the comment. You write terrific posts as well. 🙂


  2. “…sometimes talk to myself…”

    Yes, most people do that. Many also argue with themselves. Then, some – some lose arguments with themselves —– that’s creative 🙂

    The world of imagination as you convey it – is a world full of possibilities. Enjoy — and blush 🙂


    1. Your point is absolutely valid. We should challenge ourselves before we challenge the world, and learn in what ways we can improve. We can talk to ourselves, much like the treacherous Gollum of The Lord of the Rings. It helps.


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