In Love with This Poem

Blessed be the day, and the month, and the year,

and the season, and the time, and the hour, and the moment,

and the beautiful country, and the place where I was joined

to the two beautiful eyes that have bound me:


and blessed be the first sweet suffering

that I felt in being conjoined with Love,

and the bow, and the shafts with which I was pierced,

and the wounds that run to the depths of my heart.


Blessed be all those verses I scattered

Calling out the name of my lady,

and the sighs, and the tears, and the passion:


and blessed be all the sheets

where I acquire fame, and my thoughts,

that are only of her, that no one else has part of.


This poem comes from a collection of poems called The Canzonier (the song book) written by Francesco Petrarch between the year 1327 to 1368. The present poem is a translation from the original Italian by A. S. Kline.

If you cannot feel the feelings expressed in this poem, you might as well stop reading poems altogether.

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