And She Moved On…

HARK! (Photo credit: MEL810)

Once strangers we were
Soon no strangeness remained
At times, at a distance you were, then so near
And now, aches my heart, oh look! It is maimed.

Blame must I my eye, it sees things changing
Yet a little closer to you I wish to be
Should we, once again, in the rain go dancing?
But oh! Now you care little for me.

Hark, like you, I shall try to move on!
What are you to me anyway, when to you I’m none?
But the residue of my true feelings can never diminish
However, regret I shall not, no… not a thing!
Or be immobile with grief, or loss my sense of being a being
In your thoughts’ sake, I shall but write my verses with great relish.

Copyright © 2013 RAMU DAS

11 thoughts on “And She Moved On…”

      1. no, I mean rearrangements like

        “Blame must I my eye”
        “regret I shall not, no… not a thing!”
        “Should we, once again, in the rain go dancing?”

        In ‘normal’ english they would be

        “I must blame my eye”
        “I shall not regret”
        “Should we once again, go dancing in the rain”


        I hope you understood the point


      2. Yes, sir, I get you there. I make things look a little different. Normal English is, as a matter of fact, normal. For a writer being ‘normal’ is quite an abnormal idea.


    1. Of course, it takes two. But when one loves someone and that someone does not love in return, it becomes one-sided love. I loathe the children who forsake their parents. I wonder how cruel a person is, who leaves his/her parents in old age.


  1. Maim…. Blame… Change… wistfulness…..These are the aspects that jump out at me from your verse, Ramu.

    As you think of these aspects, what do you see at the core of your thoughts?

    Excellent word imagery.



    1. Thank you, sir.
      Different thoughts can be drawn from this. It’s the emotional touch that matters. Those aspects that you mentioned were partially the feelings that I was trying to put down in words.


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