Beauty In a Tomboy

Tomboy (1985 film)
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh foolish heart, what in a tomboy did you a beauty see?

Time and again you love her, but foolish you are you prove.

Foolish heart, open your eyes and see: your love doesn’t her move.

Ignore not the other beauties that lament and die out of jealousy.


Yet with no other beauties you wish to be

Oh, in a tomboy a beauty you did see!


Then foolish heart, a thousand death must you die

For she is unkind, business-minded, and a fame-hungry being

She seeks any men who might give her a diamond ring

Die oh foolish heart die, and kiss her and the world a final goodbye.

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS

10 thoughts on “Beauty In a Tomboy”

  1. I hate you for this post… joking 😉
    I am a big time tomboy and feminist… donot generalize… But the poem was good… You have improved…:)


  2. There is something about a tomboy that attracts the guys – perhaps some forbidden fruit, the closest to making out with another ‘guy’ while remaining ‘straight’

    LOL – don’t take this too seriously but at one time, tomboys did hold an allure.


    1. Lol “the closest to making out with another ‘guy’ while remaining ‘straight’”… ah ha, that would be quite an experience, I should say.

      I suppose, tomboys still hold an allure, one has to see them through my eyes… hahaha!


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