Naught she cared when out of love I touched her heart

But, alas, out of lust when the son of a gun touches her bosom,

She cries: “Oh, darling, once more, oh just a little more.”

Tell me, oh friend, how can jealousy not play jealousy’s part?

Then, off I go from her, and brood near the silent shore.

Shan’t I love a stripping whore, but take delight in being lonesome.

For love, much I did: once, twice and thrice

And lo! She told me a lie then lies after lies.


Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS

5 thoughts on “Betrayal”

    1. Oh **Mr. Moonlight Flippflopp**, oh the naughty one,
      Twist your head a little and display the humor and the fun
      Spoken I have to the Italian high command:
      “Ma’am, increment in salary is Mr. Moonlight Flippflopp’s demand!”
      Dr. SMS will fulfill the wish promised the Italian high command.


    1. You have put it very nicely. I can’t help but agree with you. There are some who even after all the infidelities still love such creatures. But anger plays another role, and one day everything comes to an end.


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