Just a Puff

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Description unavailable (Photo credit: Philo Nordlund)

What a beauty was she!
Charming was her slim body, and precious were her green eye
That every passerby’s turned to see
And for her, any men on earth could die.

It was a clear bright day
I saw, she sat beside some frigging pathetic men
The month, I remember, was May
Not, too, close a friend, we were then

She stepped on the wrong direction and puffed a cigar on that day
Then, she needed to puff everywhere: at home, at the garden, and near the bay
Turned her life in danger in that way

Now, in every other five-minute she needs to refresh her mind
For that she struggles, and threaten her parents to end her own life
If they don’t come to terms with her demand, she persists and her way she always find
And her poor parents toil day in and day out, and hard, for survival they strive.

But, lo and behold! Her charm has vanished, and everything beautiful about her has gone
And it seems to me and to you it may seem the same: she is a thousand husbands’ wife
Attracts her once charming body, but not to a man of value, nah, to none, to none!
Oh! A small puff – she knew not – but did screw her life!

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS 

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