You offend me!

Your betrayal has opened my eyes
Though your opinions, all of that you think of me, are naïve
But as always, I’ll try to be nice
And I will forgive you, for forgiveness is the quality of the brave

An eye for an eye is not my policy
What good does it do? Oh, it’s just a human fallacy!
Don’t ever pass to you children, the legacy
Ultimately it brings pain and misery

Innocent are the children, pure and godly
You, the learned! Your attitude speaks volume, and my sentiments, it offends
When your children learn to be amoral and when their mind you corrupt, they act madly
Like now: what you are doing, your jealousy and ill will has no ends

Where's the fire?
Where’s the fire? (Photo credit: Wasfi Akab)

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS 

4 thoughts on “You offend me!”

  1. I would suggest, then, changing “has” to “have” so that it’s still grammatical, being that there are two subjects for the verb, “jealousy and ill will.” But, another thing to consider is that rhyme need not be exact. Offend and end still rhyme, even without the s on end.


  2. Yes, it can be written that way as well. The word ‘Your’ is the possessive of ‘you’ and I’m referring to ‘your jealousy’ that is an abstract noun, therefore, I’ve not used it to refer to second person, but the quality of the second person, so that’s the reason I’ve used ‘has’ instead of ‘have’.


  3. Jealousy and ill will are both subjects of the verb “has,” making the verb agreement wrong. If I say “my brother and sister is coming to visit,” that’s incorrect because there “are” two of them, not one. Your sentence works the same way. Jealousy (one thing) has, but jealousy and ill will (two things) have.


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