Well, hello everyone!
Now, I want to clarify that I don’t suffer from AIDS or any other diseases. The idea of
writing something about this topic came to my mind this morning when I came across
an article about AIDS on the newspaper. I read, every year a good number of people
die because of this disease. Only if they take a little precaution and care a little about
themselves can they avoid falling under the trap of such untimely death.
That’s how I started typing my thoughts and thus this poem came into existence.

AIDS Awareness
AIDS Awareness (Photo credit: sassy mom)

Goodbye folks, I’m leaving
Never to see any of you again
C’mon! And claim my belonging
My senses shall not regain

The doctor concludes: I suffer from AIDS
A devilishly deadly disease it is
Oh, I blame myself for I had sex with one of my maids
My lust knew not of any contraceptives

Now, my end has come
For death is not mutable
And with fear I’m so numb
Death, I know, is inevitable.

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS

3 thoughts on “AIDS”

  1. very good, and thats how I write …
    I see or hear something and I write the reaction
    I felt
    not sure that makes sense…
    and I like this one of yours….
    Take Care


    1. Well, thank you ma’am!

      When we see certain things( any thing), we observe them and feel like writing all the thoughts that situation offers us, sometimes we make a blank page our world and we pen down everything that we would have done in the real world otherwise. That’s creative writing! and that definitely makes sense so you are in a way a creative writer 🙂

      Much joy and love to you


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