Thank You For Nothing!

Thank you for turning your back when I needed you the most

Thank you for playing with my emotions and leaving me at the mercy of none

Thank you for returning my love with your hatred, and for making me an object of mockery

Thank you for believing the rumors that I’m a lunatic, and a desperado

Thank you for never giving me a single gift, but taking everything I had

Thank you for the misery and wretchedness you’ve caused to me

Thank you for visiting my home, but never inviting me to yours

Thank you for forgetting to return the money you’ve borrowed from me

Thank you for feeding on my modest earnings, but never feeding me when you were blessed with great fortune

Thank you for the mental torture you’ve graciously given me

Thank you for never appreciating me when I did something good

Thank you for always blaming me for reasons yet unknown

Thank you for never thanking me for my sympathy and morality, and for empathizing with you

Thank you for never considering me a good friend

Thank you for betraying me, and for allowing me to die a thousand death

Thank you for leaving me lonely when I wanted to feel less forlorn

Thank you for never having faith in me

Thank you for de-motivating, demeaning, and for brutally criticizing me

Thank you for always finding fault in me

Thank you for being utterly cruel, and for butchering me into pieces

Thank you for using me, for leaving me in the dark, and filling my heart with emptiness

Thank you for the incurable pain you’ve bestowed upon me

Thank you for never giving me a chance to clarify, and sort out things

Thank you for asking how I am, but never waiting for my response

Thank you for ruining my life, and for running away leaving me completely shattered

Thank you for considering me a fool, and for taking undue advantage of me

And most importantly thank you for nothing!

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS 

2 thoughts on “Thank You For Nothing!”

  1. haha… Yes, that line sums up the whole point I was actually making.

    Thank you for reading (I mean it, not like the ‘Thank you’ I’ve used in my poem, but a real thank you this time) 🙂


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