Just a Puff

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What a beauty was she!
Charming was her slim body, and precious were her green eye
That every passerby’s turned to see
And for her, any men on earth could die.

It was a clear bright day
I saw, she sat beside some frigging pathetic men
The month, I remember, was May
Not, too, close a friend, we were then

She stepped on the wrong direction and puffed a cigar on that day
Then, she needed to puff everywhere: at home, at the garden, and near the bay
Turned her life in danger in that way

Now, in every other five-minute she needs to refresh her mind
For that she struggles, and threaten her parents to end her own life
If they don’t come to terms with her demand, she persists and her way she always find
And her poor parents toil day in and day out, and hard, for survival they strive.

But, lo and behold! Her charm has vanished, and everything beautiful about her has gone
And it seems to me and to you it may seem the same: she is a thousand husbands’ wife
Attracts her once charming body, but not to a man of value, nah, to none, to none!
Oh! A small puff – she knew not – but did screw her life!

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS 

You offend me!

Your betrayal has opened my eyes
Though your opinions, all of that you think of me, are naïve
But as always, I’ll try to be nice
And I will forgive you, for forgiveness is the quality of the brave

An eye for an eye is not my policy
What good does it do? Oh, it’s just a human fallacy!
Don’t ever pass to you children, the legacy
Ultimately it brings pain and misery

Innocent are the children, pure and godly
You, the learned! Your attitude speaks volume, and my sentiments, it offends
When your children learn to be amoral and when their mind you corrupt, they act madly
Like now: what you are doing, your jealousy and ill will has no ends

Where's the fire?
Where’s the fire? (Photo credit: Wasfi Akab)

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS 

Mr Nobody’s letter to the lady class representative of his class(college)

Hello, So how are you today?

Well, I think your faintly stout body is finally glowing like never before, and I believe you can carry your surplus flesh as sensuously as some girls of your age can. Hope everything is up to the mark and going as per your plan and you are enjoying life to maximum extent possible!

Now, you may be fit and fine and enjoying life to the fullest, but I’m not by any means feeling good at all. The reason is you! Let me tell you how, but before that, tell me something: did I cause you any harm? Or did I belittle you somewhere, sometime? Anytime? Did I say something which you found to be utterly rude or indigestible? I’m not sure if I did any of these ever because you have never given me a clue to know. However, if I did, I did it inadvertently; to hurt you in any way is never my design.

Please tell me, why you do show so much partiality: you send text messages to some students informing them about the lectures and the timing of the college which keeps changing every now and then as if our college is on a rollercoaster; you tell all the other students about the sudden cancellation of some lectures, about the functions and about all other activities that take place in our college. But why don’t you ever inform me about any of these things?  Why am I deprived of my rights of knowing something which is really important? Just like others I expect you to inform me about any changes that take place regarding our class, our college. Well, you do take care of others’ interest pretty well, you want to have a good place in their heart, but you never inform me, you never want to have good place in my heart. What do you think, others’ have a golden heart and I possess a charcoal black heart or something?

Do you know how much trouble I’ve to face because of the lack of information? Every day I have to catch an auto from the place where I live, then I get on board of a train from the railway station which is near my locality, and then, I reach the railway station nearest to our college and get down from the train and again from there I have to catch another auto to reach the college. You can well imagine how much time, money, and energy I spend every day. I feel completely exhausted. You have been chosen as the CR of the class, which means you have been given some rights, and as you may be aware that every right has a proportional duty, so please, I beg you to take care of your duty as much as you enjoy your rights!

Now, you may ask me, why don’t I raise the aforementioned questions to your counterpart (the man CR of the class) who is equally responsible as you are. Well, let me tell you, I don’t expect much from an asshole, so that’s the reason I don’t ask him.

Inform me if you will, if you think I deserve to know about the activities that takes place in our college. As much as you consider the college to be yours, so do I, and so does all the other students of our college. Don’t shy away from your duty but do send your valuable text messages, for doing that you’ll have my gratitude.

If I’ve said something wrong that you find offensive, please do forgive me. Forgiving someone is indeed a kind act, and you being so kind, don’t hesitate to forgive me, please!

Always yours,

Mr. Nobody

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS 


Well, hello everyone!
Now, I want to clarify that I don’t suffer from AIDS or any other diseases. The idea of
writing something about this topic came to my mind this morning when I came across
an article about AIDS on the newspaper. I read, every year a good number of people
die because of this disease. Only if they take a little precaution and care a little about
themselves can they avoid falling under the trap of such untimely death.
That’s how I started typing my thoughts and thus this poem came into existence.

AIDS Awareness
AIDS Awareness (Photo credit: sassy mom)

Goodbye folks, I’m leaving
Never to see any of you again
C’mon! And claim my belonging
My senses shall not regain

The doctor concludes: I suffer from AIDS
A devilishly deadly disease it is
Oh, I blame myself for I had sex with one of my maids
My lust knew not of any contraceptives

Now, my end has come
For death is not mutable
And with fear I’m so numb
Death, I know, is inevitable.

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS

Thank You For Nothing!

Thank you for turning your back when I needed you the most

Thank you for playing with my emotions and leaving me at the mercy of none

Thank you for returning my love with your hatred, and for making me an object of mockery

Thank you for believing the rumors that I’m a lunatic, and a desperado

Thank you for never giving me a single gift, but taking everything I had

Thank you for the misery and wretchedness you’ve caused to me

Thank you for visiting my home, but never inviting me to yours

Thank you for forgetting to return the money you’ve borrowed from me

Thank you for feeding on my modest earnings, but never feeding me when you were blessed with great fortune

Thank you for the mental torture you’ve graciously given me

Thank you for never appreciating me when I did something good

Thank you for always blaming me for reasons yet unknown

Thank you for never thanking me for my sympathy and morality, and for empathizing with you

Thank you for never considering me a good friend

Thank you for betraying me, and for allowing me to die a thousand death

Thank you for leaving me lonely when I wanted to feel less forlorn

Thank you for never having faith in me

Thank you for de-motivating, demeaning, and for brutally criticizing me

Thank you for always finding fault in me

Thank you for being utterly cruel, and for butchering me into pieces

Thank you for using me, for leaving me in the dark, and filling my heart with emptiness

Thank you for the incurable pain you’ve bestowed upon me

Thank you for never giving me a chance to clarify, and sort out things

Thank you for asking how I am, but never waiting for my response

Thank you for ruining my life, and for running away leaving me completely shattered

Thank you for considering me a fool, and for taking undue advantage of me

And most importantly thank you for nothing!

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS 

My Bliss

Bliss, Please
Bliss, Please (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, condemn me for the fault is all mine
She tried her best
But her feelings I did decline
And walked out in jest

Time and again, her interest in me, she show’d
Approve her love, I must!
One more time my love must glow’d
Before things change to dust

Let me rest and let me die in peace
In her arms where I find my bliss

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS