The more and more I move

The more and more I move
Closer and closer and she comes
When I push and shove
In my ear, a sweet word or two she hums

What joy does she find in my bitterness?!
Why does she spend her time in vain?
And wait for me with such eagerness?
How do I return love for love again?!

When in contact comes my eyes to her eyes
She shows so much care and yet wishes to depart
And away when I am gone; the thoughts in me rise
And leave my heart-broken into pieces apart

My poem may not rhyme, but by this, my love and emotion I show
Pleasure might it bring and reading this she might know

Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS

3 thoughts on “The more and more I move”

  1. Bitterness is a feeling, feelings lead us so there is the silver lining, she wants you to come so she can fill the breaks in the circle, and she knows she can’t stop doing her job, but she wants to leave cos she is tired of being hated for what she is not, and the one thing pure love cannot stand, is the pain of being hated. She is a mardy wench when she feels and reads all the hate, but she will come back, once she has gained enough strength, but when she leaves, she never leaves, she can’t. Love cant stop doing the job of love, whatever animal vessel or plant she/he resides in. Human work on love is the hardest, but love knows its because they are sooooo worth it and she longs for the day the world wakes up, where nothing has changed except everything has…Patience is part of the circle that she is knbown for being not great at, why her I dont know? An ability to change as oftenh as you choose once you’ve gone back to your past, will quicken the process leading to perfection as a base line and imperfection as a much necessary and needed trait. Only love is perfect, humans must be imperfect by default, but far wiser and safer. Fearlessness causes love to grow. Fact, keep digging down in to your truths, YOURS and I will be there to give you what you need when you need it, bad things will always happen, hurt will still hurt and people will still soimetimes be crappy and sometimes fab but when they have the safety inbuilt, the world is their/your/all’s oyster!


    1. Indeed, love is really perplexing and gives the lovers a high time, but the taste of love becomes more tastier with the melodrama of the lovers..

      Now, it’s time that I should jump to your blog…. and here I do it 🙂


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