She Was a Big Liar

Another movie I watched, love story it was

Reminded me of her, when I first saw her among the mass

Like a professional actor, she acted to be real caring

I returned the favor with honesty and with good bearing


Her pretentious smile makes men winged

But her words were sheer lies and her gratitude feigned.


She pitied me and loved me, but left me to die!

Why did she say that bye?

I knew not, she would stone me and spit in my eye!

She hurt me and she made me cry


No more does she have the same loving feelings

To make men her prey, she continuously does her drillings


All my nights, now seem long and are hard to pass

Her thoughts dances in my head and makes much a fuss

Nor a sign of grief or feelings of bad came in her way

She paid no heed to my emotion, and me! Ah, I’m fading away!


She left me because of the Mercedes Benz that I couldn’t afford?

Although, for her, I loving purchased a brand new ford

She left me because of that person: wealthier and handsomer

Wealth is not my possession; hence it made me a loner

I wish no more to live, yet the pace of time won’t let me go

Even time betrays like she betrayed me and moves so slow,


My cold, cold heart was hard done by her

But, her beauty, I wish not to mar

I accuse her of corrupting my mind and poisoning my heart with her fictive love

Now, I cannot think of anything else, but think about her and huff


Now, she mounts the cloud with laughter loud!

I’m out of her reach, She must be happy without doubt

All that we had together is now but just a history

Love that we shared will always be a mystery




Copyright © 2012 RAMU DAS

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